Healthy Longer

Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness

Our Vision

Better nutrition. Better resilience. Better society.

Our Mission

We provide data and evidence based digital solutions to improve mental strength and resilience at scale with assessments for personalized neuro-nutrients from foods – naturally and easy to implement.

Joanna Ledunger: Founder & CEO: Die beste Ernährung ist jene, die auf deine einzigartige Genetik, Biomarker und Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist. Bei HEALTHY-LONGER bemühen wir uns, dir genau das zu bieten.

The best nutrition is the one that is tailored to your unique genetics, biomarkers and needs.

At HEALTHY-LONGER we strive to provide you with just that.

Joanna Ledunger:

Founder & CEO

Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness

For most of us, benchmarking our health values against medical averages is not good enough.

I wish I had known that earlier.

Roland Pfeuti:

Co-Founder & Director

Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness

I feel like now more than ever, with the impact that the COVID situation

is having on people, we need ways to improve health and mind in a safe and natural way.

Claude-Alain Fournier:


Who we work with

Supplier of convenient CE-marked / FDA approved dried urine test cards for home use.

Research center / laboratory that performs the neuro-biomarker tests according to our specification and needs.

Research platforms we use to continuously ensure that our services integrate and validate latest research globally.

Logistics company located in Switzerland.

Data / Web / IT partner located in Switzerland to ensure that your personal data is safely stored in Switzerland.

Other Partners

The impact we want to achieve with our business

Impact on Society

Impact on Environment

Promoting awareness of nutrient-rich foods from regenerative, carbon negative agriculture – a key solution to climate change.
Our commitments
  • We are committed to the safety and privacy of your data according to Swiss and EU standards (GDPR).  Find out more in our Data Protection document or in our GDPR statement.
  • We are committed to the protection of environment – find out more about how.
  • We are committed to social responsibility.
  • We are committed to sustainability of our food system.