Healthy Longer

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The wider problems we address with our business

We face mounting problems with our current health and food systems:


We humans develop diseases which could be prevented if we knew our health risks before noticing any symptoms. As a result, cure often comes too late and at a high price to our quality of life.

The root causes of our key health risks which are genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle are often not adequately dealt with by the health system.

To mitigate risks, health data such as blood levels should be analyzed based on individual risk profiles rather than societal averages.


Over 60% of premature deaths are caused by ten illnesses that are curable if detected early.

The health system is focused on expensive cures, not cheap prevention. The economics of the system are increasingly unsustainable.

Processed food which often contains unhealthy amounts of sugar, salt, fats and additives, contribute significantly to our health problems.


The current food system and its impact on the planet are not sustainable.

The quality of our food and the agricultural land respectively have been deteriorating and no longer provide the nutrients that the human body needs in sufficient quantity and quality.

Our commitments
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