Healthy Longer

Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness
Joanna Ledunger: Founder & CEO: Die beste Ernährung ist jene, die auf deine einzigartige Genetik, Biomarker und Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist. Bei HEALTHY-LONGER bemühen wir uns, dir genau das zu bieten.

Joanna holds an MBA from Warwick Business School and CoA in Genetics & Genomics from Stanford Medicine. Joanna has worked in senior positions in risk management and digitalisation within the EU, followed by leadership positions in the insurance industry (SwissRe), focusing on risks and analytics. She has a long track record in the successful development of new products and services, as well as establishing and leading companies, organisations, and teams.

“I am now 50+ and healthy. My vision for my health in the next 30 years? I want to live a long, healthy life and then, say at age 90, pass happily and quickly from this world in my sleep. In other words: I want to stay healthy all my life if possible. Is it your vision too?

The results of yearly health checkups confirm to us that we are healthy (which we often already know) but do not answer another very important question: “What are my future health risks that could make me sick in 10-20 years and what can I do NOW to prevent them?”

In our vision, you and everyone else stays healthy and lives fully until the end. Would you like to extend the healthy phase of your life for as long as possible? Then you might want to look at our products.”