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Preventive nutrition is a branch of nutrition science with the goal of preventing, delaying, or reducing the impacts of disease and diseaserelated complications. It is based on the prioritization of maintaining personal well-being, preventing disease, and diagnosing chronic health problems or their precursors appearing as symptoms of discomfort. The goal of preventive nutrition is to prolong the onset of non-communicable diseases and pave the way for more “healthy living years” later in life.

No, we do not provide diagnosis or treatment. Our products are preventative in nature and do not serve as a replacement for specialist consultation, medications, or medical treatments.

HL is a preventive nutrition company, meaning our expertise lies in nutrition, biomarkers, and genetic analysis. We are not a medical company and as such, we do not compete with the diagnostic and treatment services provided by medical doctors.

We offer our products and focus on preventive nutrition as a powerful complement to the healthcare system.

We want to avoid any potential conflict of interest between what is best for the mental health of our clients and our own commercial gain. Consequently, we do not sell nutrition or supplements to ensure we always operate with neutrality and integrity. All of our recommendations are unbiased and driven by:

  • Natural solutions: We base our recommendations, whenever possible, on the naturally occurring nutrients available in food.
  • Fulfilment of Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA): We use the Food and Nutrition Board’s guidelines for daily nutritional intake.
  • Availability: We select nutrient sources that are easy to access.
  • Affordability: We believe that prevention should be affordable for everybody.

At this stage, the testing we provide is not covered. However, we are making every effort to work with health insurance providers and convey the benefits of preventive nutrition with the goal of making reimbursement possible in the future.

The diseases we target are often curable if detected early, or even preventable when supported by the right lifestyle and nutrition. At the same time, due to their wide occurrence, these diseases represent the greatest burden to our healthcare system in the form of lengthy and expensive treatments. Ultimately, the most common diseases have the greatest impact on our individual and collective quality of life.

The primary goal of our products is to help you understand and manage your health risks through preventive nutrition so you can enjoy good health for longer. Based on the status of your biomarkers or the analysis of your genetic variants, we recommend a selection of preventive nutrition to complement your food intake. While a genetic analysis is only performed once, a biomarker-based product can be used repeatedly to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes.

Please keep in mind that our products are NOT intended to provide medical information about your genetic predisposition or likelihood to develop certain diseases or conditions. For that purpose, more extensive genetic information must be gathered by a medical specialist, such as your family history, onsets or offsets of certain gene expressions, additional sequencing, and the like. If you’re seeking information on medical treatments, genetic predispositions, or diagnoses, we recommend a consultation with the appropriate medical specialist.​

Our genetic-based products will inform you of any genetic associations with a certain health area. More specifically, our analysis provides your genetic variants based on a comprehensive, scientifically proven assessment. Please note, however, that your genetic information provides nutritional insights only and is not medical or diagnostic in nature and therefore cannot determine the likelihood of developing a certain disease or provide a DNA profile.

You learn whether you might carry an elevated risk in respect to a specific health area. In our analysis we use beyond standard, long-term indicators rather than momentary blood values. Furthermore, we work with optimal ranges for individual profiles rather than with societal averages.

Dried urine and dried blood are highly accurate, long-lasting sera that are convenient for home sampling and shipping. They are also environmentally friendly and fit to handle on disposable cards, which reduces plastic and circumvents the need for bulky kits.

Our products cover the health areas listed on our webpage and advise preventive nutrition related to those areas. We do not establish your risk of developing any diseases. If you are concerned your symptoms could indicate a serious disease, we advise you to visit your doctor or a relevant specialist.

At HL, we work with leading laboratories and research centres to gain access to the latest genetic research. By focusing our analysis to specific health areas and preventive nutrition, we perform in-depth tests on more than 200 variants rather than a limited number of tests related to a niche topic (e.g., cholesterol). 

This decision depends entirely on your reason for testing. Are you primarily concerned with health topics related to your family history? If so, our preventive nutrition recommendations based on a genetic analysis may be the right choice. In all other cases, we recommend our biomarker products. 

The products we currently have available are focused on mental health. Once more products are rolled out, you will be able to choose which area is best suited based on your family history, your own health history, or your main health concern. 

We recommend checking your progress with the respective follow-up test once you’ve followed our recommendations for three to six months. Thereafter, any further testing depends on the state of your health.

It’s important to recognise that you have the most knowledge about your own allergies, medication sensitivities, and any other relevant personal health information. Therefore, you are the most equipped to know what’s safe for you. However, we can guarantee the following:

  1. We only work with nutrients naturally available in food (please refer to our definition of preventive nutrition).
  2. We do not endorse diets. On the contrary, we recommend broad, diversified nutritional sources, complemented with the necessary quantities of select nutrients.

Sure you can. However, please ensure that the test your doctor orders is comprehensive and includes the biomarkers we recommend. Also, please make sure that you receive and understand your test results. For example: If you have a mental health problem and consider choosing a nutritionist to provide you with food recommendations, consult someone who deeply understands the connection between mental health, neurotransmitters, and the required nutritional interventions. Finally, you may want to find out how the cost of the doctor consultation(s), laboratory testing, and nutritional consultations compares to our prices.

No, you don’t need to give anything up. In fact, we don’t provide guidance on general nutrition or other health matters such as exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. The market is saturated with organisations providing health advice with various degrees of reliability. Naturally, we promote a healthy lifestyle, healthy food, and plant-based nutrition in general. However, we recognise this is often not enough to achieve a preventive effect for specific health concerns.

This varies from person to person but in principle, there is no reason to stop consuming the specific nutrients we recommend at any point.

Refer to a specialist any time you detect specific symptoms or feel unwell — just as you would without the benefit of our products. 

The test kit (simple dry urine or dry blood cards) will be shipped by our logistics provider within two to three days of placing your order. 

Along with your dry urine or dry blood cards, you will receive detailed instructions for the sample collection. The process is quick, easy, and reliable. 

With your kit, you will receive an envelope addressed to the laboratory. You’ll simply need to place your collected samples and the accompanying questionnaire in the envelop, stamp it (priority mail recommended), and place the envelop in a standard post box. 

The timing of your results depends on two factors: which stamp you used to post the samples (economy may take 15-30 days, priority 3-7 days, or urgent 1-2 days) and the lab handling. Typically, the laboratories we work with need approximately two weeks to process samples from their time of arrival. Therefore, if you send the samples using an urgent delivery stamp, it will take approximately three weeks to receive an email notifying that your report is available for download. If this time is exceeded, it is likely because the delivery of your sample to the lab was delayed. 

For the time being, we only serve customers in Europe.

We currently offer the customer report in German and English, with plans to add further languages in the future.

Please write us an email at or give us a call at +41 44 320 20 00.

We accept most credit cards and PayPal.

We adhere to EU regulations, which provide better customer protection that any national laws (including Switzerland). As a result, our clients have the right to return unused products to us within 14 days. This means the dry urine or dry blood cards need to be returned unopened and unused. If you have already opened the cards, we unfortunately can no longer process your return.

We us numerous steps to protect your privacy according to the standards of the medical sector:

  1. The cards and instructions will be sent to you in an unmarked envelop bearing only our logo.
  2. Your data is anonymous — you will receive a personal code to identify your sample. Our laboratories will not obtain any personal information about you.
  3. You will then download your customer report using your personal code without inputting any personal data.
  4. Your anonymous data will be stored according to EU regulation for 10 years

Your data will be stored on HEALTHY-LONGER’s servers, hosted by Infomaniak SA (our Infrastructure and Hosting Partner in Switzerland).

Your data will be stored for 10 years, in accordance with EU regulations.

Absolutely, simply send us an email and we will close it at your request.

We believe in prevention based on scientifically proven genetics and biomarker analysis, along with risk mitigation in the form of preventive nutrition. The greatest benefit to our clients is in the health risk areas with the largest number of severe illnesses and premature deaths. 

All our products are unique and proprietary. We use various international research platforms to ensure that our products are validated by the latest global findings. In addition, we work closely with leading laboratories and research centres (please refer to an overview in the “About Us” section of this website).

We developed our own proprietary software to create client reports. Our tool automatically uploads your anonymous laboratory data and compares the results with your own medical history. Then we create your personal profile based on your test results. And finally, we access and update relevant scientific research on nutrients and nutritional benefits which we use to develop our recommendations for you. 

We conduct our own research and regularly consult with our partner laboratories and research centres to consistently review and update our products as relevant science progresses.

HEALTHY-LONGER is owned and currently financed by its founders. Joanna Ledunger, Founder & CEO, owns the majority of company shares. 

Our team contributes relevant core competencies such as genetics, nutrition, data management, software engineering, business development, and finance. For other required skills and expertise, we either outsource or refer to our partners. We work closely with leading international laboratories and research centres to conduct product development and testing. For digital strategy development, we work with a university and professional agencies. And finally, we work with excellent partners in IT and logistics. 

The core competencies required to develop our products are preventive nutrition, genetics and genomics analysis, biomarker analysis, software development and programming, data management, and risk management. Therefore, our team consists of professionals who master those competencies, namely nutritionists, genetic and biomarker researchers, IT programmers and engineers, and data management specialists. At HL, we do not diagnose or treat diseases or medical conditions, which is the expertise of doctors and is the reason we do not have any doctors on our team. 

We believe that our model fits very well into the current healthcare system, which places insufficient weight on prevention — currently, less than 6% of health care funding is allocated to prevention. This clearly represents a deficit, especially considering our aging European population. Without a significant increase in preventive solutions, our current healthcare system will be unsustainable and unprepared for the increasing volume of sick patients in the coming years.

One organisation cannot excel in all areas. To complement our own core competencies, we fill any gaps through our partner organisations. As a result, we benefit from the expansive research and infrastructure of leading laboratories — just like doctors, hospitals, and other service providers in the healthcare sector. This is how we ensure the best available tests are performed according to our design and instructions. It’s the only way for our customers to benefit from the services we offer at a reasonable cost. The same is true in other important service areas such as IT and logistics. In the end, our customers receive top-quality products at a fraction of the cost. Working with partners also means flexibility — we can adopt new partnerships based on the research or expertise required in the future. 

Through our own research and recommendations from our trusted network. 

We review any potential conflicts of interest very carefully to avoid the possibility of risk.

No, our partnerships are not exclusive, which we view as a benefit for many reasons. Primarily, this allows our partners to develop broad market leadership and gather expertise from a variety of sources, thereby contributing maximally to the performance of our products.

Yes, we may change partners over time for capacity, quality, or price reasons.