Healthy Longer

Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness
Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness | Verbessere deine mentale Stärke & Resilienz mit personalisierten Neuro-Nährstoffen aus Lebensmitteln, die in den meisten Lebensmittelgeschäften erhältlich sind.

Cope better. Think better.
Sleep better.

Improve your mental strength & resilience with personalized neuro-nutrients.

Natural, easy to implement and evidence-based.

Scientific evidence shows that nutrition is key to our mental strength & resilience and can improve the effectiveness of other therapies and medications.

Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness
  • Our brain(2% of weight) needs 20-40% of nutrients and calories we eat. Due to the decreasing nutrient density in food, we have a nutrient deficiency of up to 60%, even when eating healthy.
  • From nutrients, our body produces neuro-biomarkers, substances responsible for brain functions and mental strength & resilience.
  • Imbalances in neuro-biomarkers weaken our mental strength & resilience.
  • Persons treated with neuro-nutritional therapies improve range 20-90%. 

In all life situations you simply want your neuro-chemistry to work for you, not against you.

Our patent-filed mental strength & resilience pilot program combines the analysis of 25 neuro-biomarkers for nutrient deficiencies and a personalized neuro-nutrient plan based on unprocessed foods available in most grocery shops.

With our mental strength & resilience pilot program you can find out

  • how your neuro-biomarker levels impact your mental strength & resilience. 
  • how you can improve your mental strength & resilience by simply adding scientifically proven. personalized neuro-nutrients from unprocessed foods to your nutrition.
  • how you can become more resilient to stress, low mood, or anxiety coping better.
  • how can you optimise your cognitive functions thinking better.
  • how you can improve your relaxation at night sleeping better.
Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness
With our personalised and digital report you learn how to take your mental strength & resilience in your own hands with small additions to your daily nutrition – with no risk of side effects and at low cost.

Here is how our pilot works:

1 You order online and receive from us in a letter instructions for use, four dried urine cards, a questionnaire and a pre-addressed envelope.
Du bestellst online und erhältst von uns einen Brief mit Gebrauchsan-weisung, vier Trockenurin-Karten, einen Fragebogen und einen voradressierten Umschlag.
2 You take four urine samples and fill in a questionnaire at home. Then send both in a letter to our partner laboratory.
Healthy Longer | Psychische Gesundheit Fitness
3 Our partner laboratory performs the neuro-biomarker analysis.
Unser Partnerlabor führt die Neuro-Biomarkeranalyse durch.
4 Upon completion of the analysis you can download your personal report and follow our recommendations (please click on the button below to see a sample report).

Here is how we personalize neuro-nutrients from foods based on your symptoms and neuro-biomarker imbalances:

Analysis of symptoms and levels of 25 neuro-biomarkers in ten mental health categories.

Identification of precursors and co-factors of imbalanced neuro-biomarker levels.

Assignment of substances and nutrients needed to balance neuro-biomarker levels.

Matching substances and nutrients to foods which contain high quantities of them.

Personalized recommendations of nutritional options with quantities to be added to your daily nutrition.